Fortnite: How To Find The Coolest Person On The Island

You know the drill, Fortnite players: Another week, another set of challenges for you to knock out for some sweet XP towards the Battle Pass. If you’ve taken a glance at this week’s challenges, though, you may have noticed a particularly cryptic one that requires you to find the coolest person on the island. That may seem like a difficult riddle to solve, but look no further than within yourself. Read on for more.

How to find the coolest person on the island

The coolest person on the island was inside you the entire time. Yep, it’s you. You’re the coolest. Look at you go.

But simply being the coolest person on the island won’t complete the challenge. Instead, you’ll want to seek out a mirror and look at yourself to get the reward. Luckily, there are mirrors in bathrooms all across the island, including popular named locations like Coney Crossroads, Sleepy Sound, and Condo Canyon–among plenty of others.

Look in any mirror to find the coolest person on the island.

When you’re near a mirror, you’ll notice a small exclamation point icon show up on your HUD. Enter any bathroom and simply stand in front of the mirror to get some XP and a healthy dose of positive reinforcement. You’re just so cool!

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