This Steam Deck Alternative Is Getting A $300 Discount

Steam Deck might be the hottest and most affordable handheld PC available, but it’s far from your only option. The OneXplayer is another highly reviewed portable that can run many of today’s most visually impressive games without breaking a sweat. Right now, a variety of models are seeing up to a $300 price cut. Considering the long wait for the Steam Deck if you didn’t reserve it early, the OneXplayer is worth considering if you want a handheld PC but don’t want to wait.

If you’re looking to bundle a few accessories with your OneXplayer, you can add both a magnetic keyboard and black protective bag for just $88 at checkout. We’re not sure when the savings will end, but if you’ve been looking for an alternative to Steam Deck (or simply don’t want to wait until at least October to receive your preorder), this deal is definitely worth a closer look.

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