Today’s Wordle Answer (#404) – July 28, 2022

Hello all, come on down for yet another edition of our Wordle guides. Today’s answer on July 28 is a long-awaited reprieve from the seemingly endless amount of difficult answers that Wordle has dished upon us for the last couple of weeks. While the answer is by no means one that every player will get right away, it’s one that shouldn’t have players looking for a dictionary after the word is revealed.

By using a proper starting word, I was able to guess this Wordle answer in four tries. The letters included in the word are fairly common, so there was no funny business on that front. It was simply about plugging in the right letters and guessing a couple of possible answers. However, some players might want some help from the get-go or they might be down to their last guess or two. If you fall into this crowd, fear not, as we have some helpful hints to ensure your streak continues. If those hints fail, then we also have the full answer so you can live to fight another day.

Today’s Wordle Answer – July 28, 2022

We have two helpful tips that should make guessing possible answers a much simpler task for the July 28 Wordle. If you’re looking for the full answer, keep reading further.

Hint 1: This term, a verb, is often used by gamers to describe how dominantly they won a match over an opponent.Hint 2: This word is the first word in a 2007 movie/musical that stars Columbus Short and Chris Brown.

Those were some wide-ranging hints, but they definitely weren’t for everyone. If the tips didn’t tip the scales in your direction, then you can keep reading here for the full answer… “stomp.” The one vowel can trip some players up, as it’s often tough to discern exactly where that vowel fits into the word. Check back tomorrow for another Wordle guide and hopefully, your streak can keep on going through the weekend.

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