Hey my dear word-Master,

It’s our honour to have you here, visiting our website. We hope you’re doing great because we’re gonna introduce the coolest and the most played English word game in the vast world of Telegram where millions of people around the world are in touch with each other. So, let’s not waste our time and get going…… .

What is Word Masters?

Word Masters is another cool game developed by T-Rex Games Studio on Telegram APK in year 2019. It’s by far the most amazing, the most challenging and the most played English Word Game in the entire world of Telegram and played by many English professionals in dozens of groups and super-groups. If you don’t believe us, you can check it for yourself.

How Can I Find Word Masters?

Well, you don’t need to go anywhere. We’ve posted the link to our precious robot just here, so you can easily get access to our interesting game and enjoy playing:


By the way, you can ask for any help you need about the game. The only step that you need to take is contacting out support team which is truly willing to help you out with the issues that occur during yours games:


How Can I Start Word Masters?

There’s no way to panic because unlike many other bots, Word Masters is way too easy to learn. Here we will put a tutorial in order to guide you in playing this outstanding game:

When you enter the robot, by tapping on the START, you can activate the bot. After that some keyboars will be shown to you which are like this photo:

As you can see there are 6 keyboards shown in the picture above which we’re gonna explain the function of each in here:

A) Self Challenge: If you don’t wanna play with other and are eager to challenge yourself, you can use Self Challenge.

B) Friendly Match: Wanna compete with your friends? Then click here and choose your friend or any group to post the game there.

C) Profile: After playing the game for times, sure you wanna check your stats. In here you can find out the amount of your score, coin and check out your level.

D) Champions: Here is the place where you can notice the players which are among the champions. Weekly and overall rankings are added.

E) Shop: You must know that during the game, you have 2 help buttons shown under the label of ‘A Word’ and ‘A Letter’. You can use them, but you need coins for them whcih you can get by two options:
1. Playing the game with someone who hasn’t played it before. (10 Coins)
2. Checking out the items in our Shop and buy some.

F) Tutorial: If you’re not familliar with the game, you can read our tutorial.

How Can I Play Word Masters

You wanna play? Cooool!!!
Follow the rules below to learn how to play


Those buttons which contain letters are those which you should make words with. Just by tapping on those buttons beneath the game you can make words.
At the bar which the pinned message is shown, you can see the words that you are typing. So, if you have accidentally typed a wrong character, do not forget to press the (❌) keyboard in order to delete it. Otherwise, your word will not be accepted by the bot.
If you’re not that patient to think a bit more, you can use the keyboards below your game:

1) A Letter: By using this help, the bot will give you a letter from the lowest level which means Basic to Advanced, and the word which has the least count of letter and if you use it again, it will give you the second letter of that word.
‼️ In order to use this help you have to spend one coin?

2) A Word: By using this help, The word with the lowest level which means Basic to Advanced, and the least letter count will be shown.
‼️ Using this help will cost you five coins ?


The word that you find and type, will be shown at section (B) under your name and you’ll also gain some point which is noticeable in front of your name.
The scoring calculation is like this.
• Basic words: Word length * 2
• Intermediate Word: Word Length * 3
• Advanced Word: Word Length * 5
It is vivid that finding advanced words would be by far more beneficent than the others.


Inside the game you have to find various words among 3 levels ( These levels are sorted according to their usage):
• Basic words
• Intermediate words
• Advanced words

ATTENTION ? Actually, our words are ordered not by us, but by professional, and valid references.

At section (C) the count of the words in these levels are placed so you can see the. By finding each word the amount will decrease.


At this section the count of words is shown by the amount of letters that they have. By finding each word the amount will decrease.

What Will Happen When the Game Ends?

When you have finished the game, you’ll see the picture below in which by tapping on translation you’ll be sent the translation of those words:

The Other Things to Know

The game which is played in the bot is just a training which means that you can play individually without any rival. The thing which is importamt is that the games in the groups are considered as main games, so they will bring you some points.

The games are sorted from 5 character to 8 character games, so that you will be able to challenge yourself with greater, and wider range of words.

How to Play with Friends?

  • Friendly match keyboard in the bot
  • Typing @WordMastersBot and then giving it a space

So, if you wanna play this marvelous game, go to our bot: