Rumbleverse Is Shutting Down In February

Rumbleverse Is Shutting Down In February

Iron Galaxy’s Rumbleverse, its pro-wrestling-flavored battle royale, is shutting down next month, only seven months after its full launch last August. 

Though Iron Galaxy doesn’t plainly state the reason for Rumbleverse’s demise, a blog post somewhat hints that a lack of substantial players may have played a role, stating in part:

“When you work on a video game, you imagine the community that will show up to play it someday. For years, we dreamed about a lively city filled with people fighting to become a champion. We strived to create a vibrant place that celebrated the competitive spirit. Our goal was to bring joy back to online multiplayer gaming. The people who gave Rumbleverse a chance and took it on as a new hobby have validated every day that we put into bringing our ideas to life.”

Rumbleverse’s online servers shut down on February 28 at 10 a.m. CST. Players who spent any money on or within the game will receive refunds. That includes the Rumbleverse Battle Pass or Brawlla Bills on any platform. The current battle pass will also be given to all players free of charge with double XP gain. Certain emotes and accessories have been made free to acquire as well. Today, Iron Galaxy will close the in-game store and will release the final update. 

Rumbleverse was first announced during the 2021 Game Awards and offered a unique spin to the battle royale with its emphasis on melee combat. After holding various beta tests throughout the first half of 2022, the game fully opened its doors in August to a generally warm reception from players and critics. You can watch us take it for a spin in this episode of New Gameplay Today Live

In similar news, today Konami announced it’s turning off the lights to its 2022 social deduction game, Crimesight