Hi-Fi Rush Free Update Adds New Game Modes Next Month

Hi-Fi Rush Free Update Adds New Game Modes Next Month

Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge Update

One of the year’s best (and most literal) surprises, Hi-Fi Rush, is getting a free update that keeps the beat going with the addition of new modes and content. 

The “Arcade Challenge! Update!” hits on July 5 and adds two new game modes accessible after players have completed the main game. You’ll access these features by using a new arcade cabinet that appears in the hideout. 

The first is BPM Rush, in which players fight waves of enemies as the beats per minute gradually rise with each level, eventually topping out at 200 BPM. The second new mode is Power Up! Tower Up!, a remixed version of Rhythm Tower that tasks players to take a completely underpowered Chai and gradually build him with randomized upgrades by climbing floors and tackling waves of foes. 

This update also introduces new photo mode features such as stickers, filters, and poses, new clothing unlocks for Chai and Korsica, fresh 808 looks and accessories, and special attacks that incorporate CNMN and Smidge. 

Hi-Fi Rush is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. You can read our review of the game here.