Play Game Informer’s Custom Level In Humanity

<div>Play Game Informer's Custom Level In Humanity</div>

Earlier this month, we launched a documentary called “Violence Is Inevitable: The Making of Humanity.” And then, in a bit of a meta twist, we hung out with Humanity co-developer and publisher Enhance and discussed how we made our making-of documentary. Even cooler, we made a Game Informer level within Humanity – and you can play it now.

All this happened on the “HUMANITY Hub Community Stream,” where myself (Blake) and Alex Van Aken discussed why we decided to make a documentary on Humanity, how we crafted the video, and even cutting-room floor content that didn’t make the final product. We closed the show by putting our collective brains together to make a level based on the GI logo.

You can check out an archived version of the stream below:

By no means is our Humanity level an official partnership between Enhance and GI, but it’s certainly a fun way to end a project that was a months-long labor of love. To play for yourself, either search via the name “GAME INFORMER FUN!” in the game’s User Stages options or the stage ID: 013-020-5453. 

To check out our documentary, click this handy link.