Attack On Titan Animators Wit Studio Remaking One Piece’s ‘East Blue’ Saga With Netflix

<div>Attack On Titan Animators Wit Studio Remaking One Piece's 'East Blue' Saga With Netflix</div>

Netflix One Piece Remake WIT Studio Attack on Titan East Blue Saga

Netflix has announced that it is remaking the first saga of One Piece, and it’s doing it with one of the best animation studios out there. 

Over the weekend, Netflix released a minute-and-a-half video celebrating the 25th anniversary of the One Piece anime, revealing in it that Wit Studio, the team behind Spy Family and the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, is producing “an all-new anime adaptation of the One Piece manga starting from the iconic East Blue saga.” It will come to Netflix, although the company hasn’t said when to expect it. 

Check out the announcement for yourself below

Notably, the East Blue saga is the first sage of the One Piece manga and anime, covering 100 chapters and roughly 60 episodes, respectively. This remake, which will be called The One Piece, is an anime adaptation of the manga version of the East Blue saga, meaning it will likely vary from the ongoing One Piece anime. 

Beyond this announcement video, Netflix hasn’t revealed much else about The One Piece, so casting and its release remain unknown. 

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