Cover Reveal – Apex Legends

Cover Reveal – Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game that has been growing and changing in continually exciting ways since its surprise launch in 2019.  Featuring a fully released game on our cover is atypical for Game Informer, but Apex Legends continues to enamor players daily, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to visit Respawn’s studio in Vancouver, Canada to dive deep into the game’s history, and look ahead to what’s coming next for the game on the horizon. As it readies to celebrate its five-year anniversary, Apex Legends is prepared to initiate some of its biggest changes yet, and we got a chance to speak with the team and play with its new modes and more.

To pull off this cover story, we decided to send in an expert: Jason Guisao. Jason is a former intern-turned-editor here at Game Informer, who also spent time at Bungie as a franchise editor, and is a devoted Apex Legends fan who has even played the game competitively at a Top 500 level. Jason, alongside video producer Alex Van Aken (a competitive Apex player and fan in his own right), visited Respawn in Vancouver to chat with the team, discuss its history, and go hands-on with what is changing for the game.

Alongside the Apex Legends cover story, you will also find a massive 26-page feature covering the 50 games and expansions we are most excited about in 2024 and beyond. It sets the stage for what we suspect will be another exciting year for video game releases. You can also read a big feature on the history of hip-hop in video games, the upcoming Fallout TV show adaptation, learn about Night School, the developer of Oxenfree and its sequel, read about Unicorn Overlord, and more. We also have reviews for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Tekken 8, and much more!

Here’s a closer look at this month’s cover:


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