Three Mario Spin-Offs Coming To Nintendo Switch Online’s Game Boy Catalog

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<p>To close out its Mario Day announcements video, where we learned about <a data-entity-substitution=”canonical” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”eda66208-b15b-4580-8fff-0e402ce5ca92″ href=””>a new movie set in the world of Super Mario Bros</a>, as well as the release dates of <a data-entity-substitution=”canonical” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”a3bbd6a5-3d54-4a6d-abe1-ff0b8edf2e04″ href=””>Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door</a> and <a data-entity-substitution=”canonical” data-entity-type=”node” data-entity-uuid=”cd608b3d-1872-47a1-9c69-dbf0eaab491d” href=””>Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD</a>, Nintendo revealed that three classic Mario spin-offs are arriving on Nintendo Switch Online this week. The games join the Game Boy library, which is included with the base Nintendo Switch Online subscription ($20 a year).</p>

<p>Dr. Mario from Game Boy, Mario Golf from Game Boy Color, and Mario Tennis from Game Boy Color join the Switch Online Game Boy catalog. The collection already includes the likes of Super Mario Land 2 – 6 Golden Coins, Kirby’s Dream Land 2, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, Tetris, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and Metroid II – Return of Samus. Oddly enough, the library is missing all of the Pokémon titles, as well as the original Super Mario Land.</p>

<p>Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis arrive on the service this Tuesday, March 12.</p>