PlayStation 5 Surpasses 32 Million Units Shipped After Its Best Quarter Yet

PlayStation 5 Surpasses 32 Million Units Shipped After Its Best Quarter Yet

PlayStation 5 total units shipped fiscal year 2022 units sold

Sony’s latest financial results covering Quarter 3 of Fiscal Year 2022, which consists of the last three months of the year, reveal the PlayStation 5 had its best quarter on the market yet. 

The company has surpassed 32 million PS5 units shipped, sitting roughly at 32.1 million, after shipping 7.1 million during the last three months of 2022. It’s important to note this isn’t a sell-through number so theoretically, there could be consoles sitting on shelves still. But a company ships more units when the demand is there, so it’s likely that the majority of these shipped consoles were sold. 

PlayStation did just as well on the first-party software side of things, selling 20.8 million during Q3 of Fiscal Year 2022, which is almost more than double the 11.3 million sold during the same period in 2021. Of those 20.8 million, roughly 11 million were of God of War: Ragnarok, which was the console’s big holiday release. 

Including both first and third-party software, 86.5 million units were sold for the PS5, which is less than Q3 of Fiscal Year 2021 (92.7 million) but still an impressive number nonetheless. Sixty-two percent of the software sold this past quarter was digital. 

PlayStation Plus subscribers reached 46.4 million in Q3, which is up from Q2’s 45.4 million but down from Q1’s 47.3 million. The peak in the PS5’s lifetime happened in Q3 of Fiscal Year 2021 at 48 million subscribers.

In terms of monthly active PlayStation users, Q3 reached a new peak for the current generation of PlayStation, hitting 112 million. That’s up 10 million from the quarter before it and roughly 1 million more than the same quarter in 2021. 

All told, Q3 of Fiscal Year 2022 was the PS5’s best quarter yet. 

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