The Trailer For The Next Grand Theft Auto Premieres Tuesday December 5

The Trailer For The Next Grand Theft Auto Premieres Tuesday December 5

After teasing that it would be releasing a trailer in early December about a month ago, Rockstar confirmed an exact date and time this morning. The trailer for the next be Grand Theft Auto will premiere Tuesday December 5 at 9 a.m. ET.

Rockstar shared the tweet above without any context, so it’s worth noting that it is technically not confirming that this trailer will be for the next Grand Theft Auto. All it says is “Trailer 1” and a date. But, considering its early November tease explicitly read, “We are very excited to let you know that in early December, we will release the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto,” it’s safe to assume that this is what the tweet is referencing.

The art of the tweet also offers the first official tease for the game’s tropical setting. It has long been rumored that the next Grand Theft Auto would return to Vice City and a massive leak in September where 90 video related to the game also made that apparent.

If you’re on a video game website reading about Grand Theft Auto, it’s safe to assume that the excitement surrounding this game does not need to contextualized, but the previous Grand Theft Auto is one of the video game industry’s biggest hits of all time. In 2018 it was crowned the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

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