Starbreeze Announces Project Baxter, A New Dungeons & Dragons Cooperative Multiplayer Game

<div>Starbreeze Announces Project Baxter, A New Dungeons & Dragons Cooperative Multiplayer Game</div>

Project Baxter Starbreeze

Starbreeze, the studio behind games such as Payday 3, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and The Darkness, has announced a partnership with Wizards of the Coast to develop and publish a new cooperative multiplayer game set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The title is codenamed Project Baxter and is slated to arrive in 2026. In a press release, Starbreeze states that Baxter is being developed in Unreal Engine 5 and “will carry the signature Starbreeze game cornerstones of co-operative multiplayer, lifetime commitment through a Games as a Service-Model, community engagement and a larger than life experience.” Although D&D is a role-playing game, it’s unclear what genre Project Baxter will be. 

Project Baxter is slated to launch on all major platforms and will feature cross-play. Starbreeze released a piece of concept artwork, posted above, as a small visual hint of what’s to come.

In a year where Baldur’s Gate 3 delivered on faithfully replicating the D&D experience in video games, Starbreeze has a lot to live up to. But as a D&D fan, it’s cool to see more triple-A projects based on the license, so hopefully Project Baxter turns out well. 

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