Amazon’s Fallout TV Series Renewed For Season 2

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<p>Amazon Prime Video has renewed its&nbsp;<em>Fallout&nbsp;</em>television show for another season, confirming that Season 2 is in the works following an <a href=””>earlier report</a>. This news arrives just over a week after the series’ release on April 10, <a href=”’%20Fallout%20TV%20series,new%20look%20at%20the%20show.”>which premiered two days earlier than expected</a> to rave reviews from both fans and critics.&nbsp;</p>

<p>We loved&nbsp;<em>Fallout&nbsp;</em>Season 1, and you can read about why in&nbsp;<a href=””><em>Game Informer’s&nbsp;</em>Fallout review</a>, so we’re excited to revisit the wasteland with Lucy, Ghoul, Maximus, and others. As for when to expect Season 2 of&nbsp;<em>Fallout</em>, that remains unknown. The announcement simply confirms another season is coming with no details on Season 2’s production.&nbsp;</p>

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See you back in the Wasteland for SEASON 2. <a href=””></a></p>
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<p><em>Fallout&nbsp;</em>joins a string of other hit Amazon Prime Video series currently airing on the streamer service, like&nbsp;<em>The Boys&nbsp;</em>(with a new season dropping June 13) and&nbsp;<em>Invincible</em>, which just had its second season wrap up. It also joins a string of other successful video game adaptations, like <a href=””>HBO’s&nbsp;<em>The Last of Us</em></a>, <a href=”″>which is getting a Season 2 next year</a>, Peacock’s&nbsp;<a href=””><em>Twisted Metal</em></a>, Netflix’s <a href=””><i>Arcane</i></a>, and Netflix’s&nbsp;<a href=””><em>Cyberpunk: Edgerunners</em></a>.&nbsp;</p>

<p><em>Fallout&nbsp;</em>Season 1 is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.&nbsp;</p>

<p><em>Did you enjoy Season 1 of Fallout? Let us know in the comments below!</em></p>