Telltale Games Releases New Screenshots Of The Wolf Among Us 2 Alongside Development Update

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<p>The Fabletown gang will be back, developer Telltale Games has promised in a new development update for The Wolf Among Us 2, <a href=”″>its sequel to The Wolf Among Us it announced in 2019</a>. This update, which reveals the studio is still hard at work on the game, arrives after <a href=”,he’s%20received%20a%20severance%20package.”>an unspecified number of layoffs hit Telltale Games last October</a>.&nbsp;</p>

<p>”We’ve been quiet because we’ve been heads down, focusing on the promise of [The Wolf Among Us 2],” the <a href=””>update</a> reads. “While we can’t give a big update yet, here’s a little something for you: in-progress shots from the current build. The work continues. The Fabletown gang will be back. Thanks for being fans.”&nbsp;</p>

<p>The four in-progress shots from the current build of The Wolf Among Us 2 can be viewed below:&nbsp;</p>

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<p>The Wolf Among Us 2 was originally due out last year but was <a href=”″>delayed out of 2023</a> in a March update from the studio.&nbsp;</p>

<p>For more about the game, <a href=””>watch The Wolf Among Us 2’s official trailer</a>, and then read about how <a href=””>the game’s first episode will catch you up on what happened in the first game</a>.&nbsp;</p>

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