The Last Of Us Part I’s PC Launch Pushed To Late March

<div>The Last Of Us Part I's PC Launch Pushed To Late March</div>

The PC launch of The Last of Us Part I has been delayed by a few weeks. Instead of releasing on March 3, the game now arrives on March 28.

Naughty Dog wants more time to polish up the PC port, as stated in a message posted to Twitter that you can read in full below (click the image to enlarge). 

The Last of Us Part I launched for PlayStation 5 last fall and serves as a ground-up remake of the 2013 title. It features improved graphics, reworked controls, improved enemy A.I., and a remade version of the Left Behind DLC chapter. The remake helped usher in the premiere of The Last of Us HBO series last month, which has been heavily watched and received heaps of praise thus far. The show’s second season has already been confirmed.

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