Watch Over 20 Minutes Of New Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay

Watch Over 20 Minutes Of New Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay

Final Fantasy XVI PlayStation State of Play

Today’s PlayStation State of Play was devoted entirely to showcasing new footage and information for Final Fantasy XVI, giving fans a guided tour of its action, exploration, characters, and more.

The presentation showed off a hefty amount of the flashy action RPG combat we recently got to sample in a recent hands-on demo. Though the story begins by following protagonist Clive in his 20s, the plot will also explore periods of his teen years and 30s. We got a look at the world map, various accessibility rings, and the combat prowess of Clive’s faithful wolf companion, Torval. 

We also looked at Cid’s hideaway, a large headquarters that opens up later in the game where you can craft gear, buy items at a store, check quests, interact with allies, and practice abilities in a special training room. Despite showing off so much, teases that Square Enix still has plenty to share in the future regarding story quests, side quests, and endgame content. 

Final Fantasy XVI launches on June 22 for PlayStation 5. You can learn more about the game by reading our recent features breaking down the game’s Eikon combat, Arcade Mode, and interviews with the developers who discuss the game’s balance of multiple gameplay styles, its return to high-fantasy, and the series’ abandonment of turn-based action