Temtem Showdown Is A Free Standalone Battle-Focused Game And It’s Out Now

<div>Temtem Showdown Is A Free Standalone Battle-Focused Game And It's Out Now</div>

Temtem Showdown new standalone game pokemon battle fast

Publisher Humble Games and developer Crema have revealed Temtem Showdown, a new standalone battle-focused game, and it’s out right now. 

This surprise reveal comes less than a year after the full 1.0 release of Temtem, the game that Showdown is based on. Similar to Pokemon Showdown, Temtem Showdown is all about battling. It’s also free to everyone. 

“Temtem Showdown takes the best Temtem competitive action and places it within immediate reach for everyone,” a press release reads. “Get to know the colorful critters from the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure, build your team in seconds, and dash into battle to test it out against other players and their teams – or carefully curate a plan of action to overpower your opponents.” 

Unlike Temtem, which is a multiplayer Pokemon-like game where you catch and train Temtem to use in 2 vs. 2 battles, Showdown will let players build a team from scratch right from the jump. And then you can hop right into a battle, without needing to worry about their level like you might in the base game. You can play against other players both casually and competitively, and the latter will feature a ranked system and a ladder to climb up as you play. 

Crema says Showdown will receive regular balance patches to keep the meta fair, and new Seasons will bring additional content and changes as well. 

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