Tencent To Purchase Majority Stake In Dying Light Developer Techland

Tencent To Purchase Majority Stake In Dying Light Developer Techland

Techland Tencent

Dying Light developer, Techland has announced a partnership with Tencent that will see the massive Chinese holdings company become the studio’s majority shareholder.

In a blog post penned by Techland founder and CEO Paweł Marchewka, he explains the studio has partnered with Tencent for support of its continued expansion of the Dying Light series and to ensure its upcoming fantasy RPG lives up to expectations.

“Teaming up with Tencent will allow us to move full speed ahead with the execution of the vision for our games,” Pawel writes. “We have chosen an ally who has already partnered with some of the world’s finest video game companies and helped them reach new heights while respecting their ways of doing things.”

Pawel states that he will remain CEO, and Techland will retain full ownership of its IPs. He also assures the studio has full creative freedom. While the Polish company is best known as the maker of the Dying Light series, Call of Juarez, and the original Dead Island, it also has a publishing branch. Titles released under Techland’s umbrella include Arise: A Simple Story and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

This is business as usual for Tencent, which has dipped its hands into a number of game studios in recent years. It has invested in (or has outright acquired) companies such as Epic Games, From Software, Turtle Rock Studios, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, Remedy Entertainment, among others. 

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