The Finals Open Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

The Finals Open Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

The Finals Open Beta

If you’ve been curious about The Finals, Embark Studios’ game show-inspired free-to-play shooter, you can sample a taste of the game in an open beta starting tomorrow. First revealed last August, the game has only been playable in closed playtests over the last year. 

A new trailer premiering during today’s Xbox Partner Preview shows off the first-person shooter, in which teams compete in virtual arenas for the delight of a cheering audience (and potential sponsors). Arenas, which are based on recognizable real-world locations, are fully destructible and can be altered by players.

The open beta adds the new Skyway Stadium to the map rotation. The beta also introduces a new game mode called Bank-It, in which four teams of three fight to gather coins, with the winner either hitting a max limit first or having the most cash banked at the end of the round. 

Players will have access to 20 weapons, 26 gadgets, and 9 abilities used to reduce targets into showers of gold coins. Item progression will feature 5 Mastery Levels per weapon as well. 

The open beta is cross-platform, so players on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam can jump in. It will run until November 5. The beta includes a free battle pass with 16 exclusive, permanent rewards that carry over to the game’s eventual full launch.