The Analogue 3D Plays Nintendo 64 Games At 4K Resolution, Releasing Next Year

The Analogue 3D Plays Nintendo 64 Games At 4K Resolution, Releasing Next Year

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The Analogue Pocket is a retro handheld marvel, capable of playing your favorite Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on its beautiful screen with modern sensibilities and technology – simply put, it’s the best way to play a Game Boy game, assuming you can get your hands on the always-sold-out device. Now, Analogue is targeting the Nintendo 64 catalog with its next device, the Analogue 3D. 

Analogue has shared an image of what appears to be the device, although the full look at it is obscured. You can view it at the top of the article, but it’s below as well:

An image released alongside today’s news teases what appears to be a sleek, black, and faithful recreation of the Nintendo 64 controller. You can check it out below: 

Analogue says the 3D device will feature 4K HDMI output, its proprietary Analogue OS, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4G Wi-Fi. It will also have “4 original-style controller ports,” presumably so that players can use their original Nintendo 64 controllers with the 3D. The company says the 3D’s 4K output allowed “us to created incomprehensibly profound Original Display Modes,” and that in collaboration with 8BitDo, it will release a wireless controller for the device. 

Analogue didn’t share more, but the 3D is set to release some time in 2024. Preorders are not yet open, but if it’s like the Pocket release, preorders will happen well before the actual release (and if you want one, plan on preordering because the Pockets sold out immediately). 


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